What calls come on the Patriot as standard?

The FoxPro Patriot Digital Caller comes as standard in the UK with 144 High-Quality Foxpro Sounds. The sound list is customised for the UK market and is not the standard US call list.

Users can easily change their calls at home if required and the Inferno will hold up to 300 sounds.

The UK call list is as follows:

Coy Pup Dist 3
Coy Fem Sore Howls
Coy Fem Whimpers
Coy Pup Screams
Male Coy Chal 4
F Coy Lng Hwls 1
Fem Coy Ch Barks
Fem Coy Deep Hwls
Fem Yodel Howl
Male Coy Lng Hwl 1
Grieving Gray Fox
Platinum Grey Fox Pup
Bay Bee Cott 2
Bay Bee Cottntl
Cagie Cottontail
Devil Hare
Eastern Cottontail
Jackrabbit Dist
Lightning Jack
Lils Cottontail
SnowShoe HP
Lucky Bird
Nutty Nuthatch
Ranting Red Bird
Red Bel Wdpkr 3
Titmouse Tantrum
Roar-n Red Sqrl
Vole Squeaks
Raccoon Fight
Mt Lion In Heat
Lone Wolf
Crow Fight
Dying Crow
Lil Piggy
Crazy Critter
Javelinas Demise
Can Geese Lrg Flk
Blue Winged Teal
Mallard Chatter
Mallard Comeback
Mallard Drake
Mallard Feed Call
Mallard Greeting
Snw Goose Sml Flk
Spckl Belly Clkng
Wood Duck Squeal
Wood Duck Whine
Cals Fed Siren
Siren 2
Coyote Hurt Pup
Lone Howl
Interrogation Howl
Female Invitation 2
Coy Lonesome Hwl
Moose Thrashing
Moose Bull
Moose Urinating
Hyper Moose Cow
Light Sparring
Buck Fight
Antler Rattling
Buck Grunts
Doe Estrous Bleat
Tending Grunt
Buck Snort Whz
Coyote Pup Dist 1
Coyote Inter Howl
Coyote Male Cha
Coyote Fem Inv
Coyote KIYI
Bobcat in Heat
Kiss of Death
Moose Cow
Moose Rattling
Ugly Crow
Crow Owl Fight
Barred Owl
Lost Hen
Flydown Cackle
Turkey Purrs
Snow Goose Single
Snow Gs Lrg Flock
Snow Goose Hail
Snow Goose Dbl
Can Gse Cmbck 1
Can Gse Cmbck 2
Can Gse Cmbck 3
Can Gse Lydwn 1
Can Gse Lydwn 2
Can Gse Lydwn 3
Can Gse Lydwn 4
Pinteal Whistle
Green Wing Teal
Spckle Bel Cmbck
Spckle Bel Greet
Elk Estrous
Elk Calf
Excited Hen Yelps
Young Hen Yelps
Raspy Hen Yelps
Tree Yelps
Turkey Cuts
Fighting Purrs
Squirrel Barks
Mouse Squeaker
Chirping Coaxer
Luscious Lips
High Freq Squeak
Freaky Squeaks
Fox Whistle
Lone Wolf
Passive Coy Howl
Coy Pup Howl
Coy Bark Growls
Coy Barks
Coy Challenge
Coy Chlng Howl
Coy Growls
Dog Brawl
Young KiYi
Adult KiYi
Baby Raccoon Dist
Raccoon Fight
Barn Cat Dist
Cottontail Dist
Jackrabbit Dist
Lamb Dist
Hurt N Hog
Pileated Wdpkr
Moose Calf 1
Moose Calf 2
Crow Dist
Young Buck Grunt
Tending Grunt
Tend Grnt Finish
Mat Buck Grunt
Buck Roar



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