Changing Calls on your FoxPro Caller.

All FoxPro callers ( with the exception fo the Deadbone) have the ability to have their call list changed by the end user.  This is a straightforward process and if you follow a couple of simple rules even people with limited computer skills can easily complete the process.

 All fox pro units produced in the last few years, and all current models, can be connected to your computer via a USB cable. Even if you do see a memory card visible on the inside, please do not attempt to remove it.  These are glued in place and int he process of removing it you can cause irreparable damage to either the card or the motherboard. 

Finding Calls

You can find new calls from friends or online.  You can also purchase calls and call packs from FoxPro directly or find other free sources online. All FoxPro models accept calls with extensions of .FXP .MP3 .WAV and some also accept .24B and .16b. 


Attaching your caller to your PC

First, locate the USB port on your caller. this is found on the rear panel on the Patriot and inferno and under the battery pack on the Fusion.  The Shockwave has it on the front of the caller.  Most units use an USB A-B type cable ( commonly found to connect your printer to a computer ) and the Shockwave uses a "Mini-USB" type cable. You do not need to have batteries in the caller or have the caller turned on for this to work(but you will to get the unit to sync later).

Once you have connected the cable to both your PC and caller then you are ready to launch the software.

Using the FoxPro Programmer Software

It is possible to program the calls by manually moving calls using the file explorer on your PC, but the process of renumbering them ( Which is critically important) is much easier to manage when you use the free software provided. 

1. Get the software

You can download the software from this link: 

The link makes it seem as though it's for Mac only, but it will run on Windows and Linux just fine - assuming the latest Java release is installed. 

Download the file and run the FOXPRO Programmer.jar file this will launch the software. 

Only the basic steps are covered here - full, detailed instructions are contained in the download as a pdf.

2. Connect the caller

As you have already plugged the caller into your PC you will see the calls come up on the right-hand side of the program. 

3. Backup your existing Calls

Before you start you should click"Backup Sounds" to save a copy of the original sounds on your unit so that if anything happens you have a copy of them.

4. Add new calls to the caller

Next, you need to locate the calls you wish to add to the caller.  To do this click the "Browse" button on the Left or "Source files" side of the window.  Using the drop-down menu at the top, you can navigate to the folder or device (USB Stick or CD) that contains the calls you wish to add. Once you have found the location, click "Select Directory"

You will now see the calls on the left that you can add to the caller.  You can select one at a time or select multiple by holding down the shift key and clicking to select a range.  You can then add these to the caller by clicking insert sound. 

This will by default add the call to the bottom of the list on your caller - the next "available" slot.  If you wish to change its position you can do so by using the arrow key to move a call up or down. This is an area where the software is exceptionally helpful as doing this manually is very time intensive. 

5. Edit your category list

If your device supports category lists, you can use the "Edit Categories" to quickly assign the calls to the existing categories or create new ones. 

You may now disconnect your caller from the computer.

6. Sync the new calls from your caller to your remote

You next need to transfer the calls from the caller to the remote. There are two ways of doing this:


  1. Turn on the caller and the remote
  2. On the remote, navigate to the main menu
  3. Select the "TX1000 Settings" Menu
  4. Select the “Download Sound List” item from the menu to initiate the transfer


  1. Turn off the caller and disconnect all accessories.
  2. Turn on the remote
  3. Connect the 3.5mm cable from the sound upload jack on the transmitter to the AUX jack on the Inferno. If the Inferno transmitter sound upload jack is gray: the transmitter will display a message stating: “Turn caller off. Connect remote to AUX jack on call.” If the Inferno transmitter sound upload jack is black: there will be no message displayed on the screen and you can continue on to the next step.
  4. Power on the Inferno to initiate the transfer process. The display on the remote updates as the transfer progresses. When complete, the screen returns to the normal view.
    5. Unplug the cable from the transmitter and Inferno. Browse through the categories or sound list to view the changes.


You are now all set to use your new calls on your device. 


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