What calls come on the FoxPro Shockwave Caller as standard?

The FoxPro Shockwave Digital Caller comes as standard in the UK with 100 High-Quality Foxpro Sounds. The sound list is customised for the UK market and is not the standard US call list.

Users can easily change their calls at home if required and the Inferno will hold up to 1000 sounds.

The UK call list is as follows:


Yng Raccoon Dist
Lightning Jack
Dying Jack
Lil Jack
Scream-N Jack
Jackrabbit Dist
Waning Jack
Cottontail Dist 1
Rabbit Duet
Baby Cottontail
Baby Cot Frenzy
Baby Rabbit Dist
Cals Cottontail
Cottontail Dist 1
Rabbit Duet
Baby Cottontail
Baby Cot Frenzy
Baby Rabbit Dist
Cals Cottontail
Scream-n Rabbit
Big Rabbit Dist
Mad Rabbit Dist
Lil Rabbit
Bay Bee Cottntl
Adult Cottontail
SnowShoe 1
SnowShoe 2
SnowShoe 3
SnowShoe HP
Mouse Squeaker
Chirping Coaxer
High Freq Squeak
Freaky Squeaks
Fox Whistle
Titmouse Tantrum
Kiss of Death
Vole Squeaks
Partridge Dist
Pheasant Dist
Guinea Pigs
Guinea Pig 2
Flying Squirrel
Grey Squirrel
Young Rat Dist
Adult Rat Dist
Rat Duet
Red Squirrel Dist
Roar-n Red Sqrl
Finch Dist
Eng Sparrow Dist
Dist Sparrows
Raspy Woodpkr
Weep-N Wdpkr
Wail-N Wdpkr
Wacky Wdpckr
Worried Wdpckr
Baby Red Fox Dist 1
Baby Red Fox Dist 2
Juv Red Fox Dist
Juv Red Foxes
Red Fox Pups
Gray Fox Distress
Grey Fox Pup 1
Screamn Gray Fox
Platinum Grey Fox Pup
Steeltown Grey Fox Pup
Arctic Fox Call
Crow Fight
Ugly Crow
Dying Crow
Crow Hawk Fight
Crow Owl Fight
Crow Gathering
Struggling Crow
Can Geese Lrg Flk
Can Gse Cmbck 1
Can Gse Cmbck 2
Can Gse Cmbck 3
Can Gse Lydwn 1
Can Gse Lydwn 2
Can Gse Lydwn 3
Can Gse Lydwn 4
Snw Goose Sml Flk 
Snow Goose Single 
Snow Geese
Snow Gs Lrg Flock
Snow Goose Hail
Snow Goose Dbl 
Snow Flock Lg 1
Snow Flock Lg 2
Blue Winged Teal
Mallard Comeback
Mallard Feed Call
Spckl Belly Clkng
Wood Duck Squeal
Wood Duck Whine
Feeding Mallards
Pinteal Whistle
Green Wing Teal
Mallard Duckling
Lucky Bird
Yng Blue Jay Dist
Quail Distress
Starling Distress
Shore Bird Dist
Ad Blue Jay Dist
Game Bird Dist
Cow Bird Dist
Guinea Fowl Dist
Ring Neck Pheas
Chicken Dist 2
Cow Bird Dist
Princes Bird Dist
Starling Distress
Dist Starlings
Grey Catbird
Goldfinch Dist
Blue Jay Dist
Robin Distress
Wood Duckling
Wood Ducklings
Mallard Duckling
Nutty Nuthatch
Ranting Red Bird
Grey Jay Dist
Chicken Distress
Fawn Distress
Buck Fight
Antler Rattling
Buck Grunts
Doe Estrous Bleat
Tending Grunt
Deer Distress
Fawn Distress
Calf Scream
Moose Thrashing
Blktail Doe Dist
Aggr Whitetail
Turkey Gobbles
Gobbles and Yelps
Wild Turkey Hen
Lost Hen
Flydown Cackle
Turkey Purrs
Turkey Distress
Wild Pig Distress
Cals Kittens
Excited Hen Yelps
Young Hen Yelps
Raspy Hen Yelps
Tree Yelps
Turkey Cuts
Fighting Purrs
Baby Turkey
Baby Turkey Trio
Kitten Distress 2
Distressed Kittens
Chicken Dist 1
Kitten Distress
Prairie Dog Dist
Pr Dog All Clr
Dual Rodents
Rodent Distress
Squirrel Barks
Sage Rat Dist
Pr Dog All Clr
Baby Pig Distress
Kid Goat Cries
Kid Goat Distress
Raccoon Pups
Huffs Jaw Snaps
Begging Hogs
Feeding Frenzy 1
Feeding Hogs 2
Baby Pig Dist
Juvenile Pig Dist
Sow Protection
Hog Bachelor Fight
Sow Boar Fight
Boar Sparring
Lil' Piggy
Raccoon Dist
Raccoon Dist 2
Raccoon Fight
Twitering Raccoon
Yng Raccoon Dist
Aggr Raccoon
Mad Boar Raccoon
Raccoon Pup
Raccoon Puppies
Raccoon Pup Dist
Raccoon Pup Cries

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