Formatting a Micro SD Card for a FoxPro Inferno

The Micro SD card in the rear of the infeno is not intended to come out.  Many generations actually have this card glued in.  Please do not remove the card if you can avoid it.  It is very easy to damage the card and to damage the unit - neither of which will be covered by warranty and can be costly to repair.


If you do find yourself in need of preparing a new Micro SD card for an inferno model the steps are: 


1. Buy a new card. 

It is recommended that you keep your card selection 2GB or under for the best performance. Cards larger than 2GB will not work with the Inferno.

2. Format the card.

Once you have the card in your possession, you need to be able to connect it to your PC. To make this connection, you may need a micro SD card adapter (reader/writer). If you are purchasing the adapter new, make sure that it is a reader and writer. If the adapter is only a reader, you will be unable to modify the card for use with the Inferno. 

The majority of micro SD cards produced today are shipped to stores with a file system format of FAT. In order for the card to work in your Inferno, the file system needs to be formatted as FAT32. To format the new card for FAT32 using the Windows operating system, perform the following steps:

  1. Connect the micro SD card to your card adapter and connect the adapter to your PC. By doing this, Windows will assign the card a drive letter.
  2. Open the My Computer icon (may be labeled as just Computer on Windows Vista & 7/10) and locate the drive letter for the card.
  3. Using your mouse, right-click on the icon for the new card.
  4. Click on the Format menu item.
  5. On the Window that appears, locate the text box labeled Volume Label. In the box, type in: IF1 (be sure to observe capitalization on this text--it must be exact).
  6. Locate the File System option on this screen. Select FAT32 from the choices.
  7. Make sure that the Quick Format option is not selected.


Click on the Start button on the format screen. This will bring up a warning stating that all files/contents on the card will be erased. Click OK to begin the format. The format may be very brief or it could take several minutes depending upon your PC and size of the memory card.Once the format process is complete, the new memory card is now set up and ready to be used with the FOXPRO programming utility. 




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